10 Renowned Trails For Trekking In Turkey

10 Renowned Trails For Trekking In Turkey
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The country of Turkey is eerily appealing, terapia waters give way to precipitous, sheer cliffs in the southern region. Separating the coast from the Anatolian Plateau, the Taurus Mountains, adorned with snow-capped peaks, are some of the famous places for trekking in Turkey

Cappadocia, located in the center of Turkey, is widely recognized for its desolate, mineral-colored valleys and ‘fairy chimneys’, which are basalt pillars. Additionally, the Küre Mountains boast lush forests that serve as habitats for bears and provide a soaring expanse for Egyptian vultures.

10 Renowned Trails For Trekking In Turkey

Turkey is a country that has all kinds of places and adventures that can be explored by every tourist. So while you are planning for  Turkey Tours, we have come up with the famous places for trekking in Turkey for you to check and explore.

St Paul Trail:

St Paul Trail is Turkey’s second longest distance trail for trekking in Turkey 300 miles between Antalya and Isparta. During this trail, you will explore many Egirdir regions, flowers, trees, birds, and insects which the local people will share with you. The best time for this hike would be spring and autumn to avoid the extreme heat or cold.

Lycian Trail: 

Trekking enthusiasts from all over the world are drawn to Turkey’s Lycian Trail. This is considered the pinnacle of the country’s natural splendor and extensive history. This 500-kilometer path stretches along the captivating Mediterranean coast. It offers a unique experience that skillfully blends history, culture, and environment. Hikers who follow the Lycian Trail encounter trekking in Turkey an enthralling fusion of verdant pine forests, craggy cliffs, and remote beaches, all against the backdrop of the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. 

The Lycian Trail is an archaeological and cultural journey that offers more than simply trekking. Discover the rich history of the area, which includes quaint seaside villages, historic tombs, and intriguing amphitheaters. The delicious Turkish food and the friendly inhabitants make the entire trip even more enjoyable.

Kaçkar Trail: 

Kaçkar Mountains is the highest point in Turkey, located in the northeastern part of it. This hike can be interesting and worth a visit for all the hikers as it is not as famous as the Italian Alps so one can expect much less crowd. As you start the journey you will explore the Tortum waterfall, discover local villages, and enjoy cups of traditional Turkish tea. The most beautiful part of this trekking in Turkey is you can enjoy the mountain culture and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains.

Evliya Çelebi Way: 

Take an amazing pilgrimage along the Evliya Çelebi Way, a wonderful path that passes through the center of Turkey. It allows visitors to fully experience the rich history and culture of the nation. 

Traveling along the Evliya Çelebi Way transports you back in time and reunites you with historical monuments. This includes monuments such as old mosques, charming villages, and ancient towns. You will see the varied fabric of Turkey’s history along the path, ranging from the bustling marketplaces of Istanbul to the tranquil scenery of Anatolia. This pilgrimage is about more than just walking; it’s about getting to know and feel Turkey’s spirit. You may enjoy the nation’s rich customs, art, and spirituality through this cultural voyage. 

Yenice Forest Trail: 

This forest trail is located in  Karabük city. This place has been reserved by the  World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Being a forest trail it is needless to mention you will encounter a large number of trees in the southern part. It has mostly sandalwood and pine and the northern part of the forest is covered with Istranca oak, etc. You will enjoy this natural trek and the clean air while you are hiking.

Independence Trail or Istiklal: 

The Istiklal, or Independence Trail, is a potent route that allows tourists to follow the course of Turkey’s historic war for independence. This famous road serves as a striking reminder of the country’s tenacity and fortitude throughout its struggle for freedom.

The Independence Trail is a famous place for trekking in Turkey. It starts in the center of Istanbul and winds into Anatolia. Passing by important locations and landmarks that were crucial to the development of the contemporary Turkish Republic. Every step of the journey highlights the enormous sacrifices and victories that resulted in Turkey’s freedom. From the imposing Hagia Sophia to the tranquil battlefields of Gallipoli. The Independence Trail is a tribute to the Turkish people’s resilient spirit as well as a tour through history.

Carian Trail: 

Along the beautiful Aegean coast of Turkey, the Carian Trail is a well-kept secret in famous places for trekking in Turkey. A distinctive combination of immaculate beaches, quaint coastal towns, and historic buildings may be found on this enchanted walk. You will be mesmerized by the Aegean Sea’s turquoise hue and the verdant surroundings as you walk the Carian Trail. 

The route meanders across the historic area of Caria, providing visitors with an insight into Turkey’s rich past. Through stops at intriguing historical sites such as castles, rock tombs, and ancient towns. However, the delicious Turkish food and the friendly natives make for an unforgettable experience. The Carian Trail is the ideal location for anybody looking for peace, the outdoors, and a strong sense of Turkish culture.

Uludag Mountain Trail: 

Uludag Mountain is located in Bursa, the highest mountain in the Marmara Region, which is 2543 meters high. This trek is quite special because it has a lot of natural wonders in Bursa. While you hike you can experience the extraordinary beauty of the place and you can also stop in the way and capture memories.

Cappadocia Trail: 

Cappadocia is a fascinating area to visit along the Cappadocia Trail, with its bizarre scenery of fairy chimneys and cave homes. Wandering among the enchanted rock formations and underground towns on this unusual excursion offers an unearthly adventure. 

Cappadocia offers unmatched chances for trekking, hot air ballooning, and cultural discovery. This makes it a monument to the marvels of nature and human creativity. Every step you take on the Cappadocia Trail provides a new surprise as you travel through this mysterious region. Whether it’s a historic cave church or a broad view of the lunar-like landscape. For those looking for breathtaking scenery and a fascinating past, Cappadocia is a must-visit location. It truly is like walking into a fairy tale.

Taurus Mountains Trail: 

Hikers and lovers of the great outdoors will find heaven on the Taurus Mountains Trail in southern Turkey. This tough and stunning walk provides exhilarating excursions through dense forests, deep valleys, and high mountain summits. Trekking and animal viewing are just a few of the outdoor activities that may be done amid the stunning scenery. 

The route passes through isolated villages where you may dine in classic Turkish style and enjoy warm hospitality. The Taurus Mountains Trail in trekking in Turkey provides an ideal getaway from the bustle of the city, enabling you to rediscover the unspoiled splendor of this exceptional area and reestablish a connection with nature. Whether you’re a novice hiker or a seasoned beginner, the Taurus Mountains Trail is an exhilarating experience waiting to be discovered in Turkey.



Each of the trails has something or the other unique to offer. So make sure you book your Turkey Tour packages, upon choosing the treks you want to do around Turkey to enjoy the complete essence of the Turkey Tours.

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