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Create An Apple Crate Christmas Boxes Packaging Set With Your Branding

A brown paper bag with a simple design can be an outside layer protecting your box. Additionally, it’s a tasteful way to boost your branding. Wrap your products in tissue paper and place them inside a special mailer box. Start the unboxing experience with a mailing bag! Tip: Discover the full potential of packaging these Apple Crate Christmas Boxes. Browse Packhelp’s favorite picks of 2019! It’s your turn to shine! Make the 2022 Apple Crate Christmas Boxes period special for your brand and your customers. Spruce up your regular packaging with festive elements or design an entirely new line of packaging.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a method of laminating a particular part of the design with glowing foil. The result is a very original, glossy piece of the pattern. Add hot stamping to your brand’s logo or name, or create a special festive symbol with a hot-stamped texture. You can also add a hot-stamped lining to the text printed on your Apple Crate Christmas Boxes packaging. Tip: Hot-stamping works flawlessly with two-piece rigid boxes. You can learn more about them here.

Print An Apple Crate Christmas Boxes-Themed Hashtag

Encourage your customers to go online by printing a holiday hashtag on the box. This is a way to leverage packaging in your advertising strategy. Bring your customers to one place and let them share the Christmas Packaging you’ve designed! Many brands have used it, including Starbucks. You can find holiday stickers almost anywhere, or use a company that allows you to design and print your custom stickers; Stickershop is our favourite for that.

Use A Funny Text

Apple Crate Christmas Boxes is all about light and an uplifting mood. Packaging has the power to bring a smile to your customer’s face too. How can you do that? Use a funny text and surprise your customers. Write it in a handwritten font or slip a thank-you note inside the box. Tip: Send Apple Crate Christmas Boxes-themed cards in branded envelopes to your most loyal customers. That will show your appreciation.

Use Wood Wool and Paper shreds.

Wood wool is a fantastic form of void filler for the inside of your festive packaging. Most importantly, it provides additional protection inside the box. You can either use the natural color or go with a festive, colored variant—red, green, or gold. This way, your customer gets a beautifully presented product—ideal to share on Instagram. 

Create Custom Inserts And Partitions Inside

Do you like your stuff to be neat? That’s why they will appreciate a box with special partitions inside. Those simple cardboard inserts increase the security of the package and provide better amortization. As a result, the products inside will arrive undamaged and in order. There are alternatives to custom inserts, too. If your product is too small, like one candle jar, consider choosing a different type of packaging. A drawer box with a sliding bottom or a rigid box with a lid can be great choices. Interested in using bespoke product packaging this Apple Crate Christmas Boxes period?

Use Ribbons

A ribbon is the ultimate accessory attached to a gift box. But don’t think it’s cliche. Ribbons can add a subtle novelty to your design as well as an additional space for branding. Tip: Try using two or three ribbons to create an intricately woven pattern.

13. Holiday Labels

A label usually includes all the important information about your brand and the items inside the package. However, a simple cardboard box can look entirely different from a lovely, festive label. You can also use it to wish your customer a Merry Apple Crate Christmas Boxes.

14. Spruce Up The Box With Stickers

Stickers are small elements that can be placed anywhere you want. In your festive design, they can include a “Merry Apple Crate Christmas Boxes” note or a tiny holiday symbol. You can also use a sticker to print out your logo and make it stick out. It boosts your “giftability” and is a nice little bonus for your customer.

Add Jingle Bells Or Other Apple Crate Christmas Boxes Ornaments

Are you selling your products in a store? Then create something extra in your design. Add a tiny jingle bell to the top of the box, something like a small cat bell, for example. Even before the gift lands under the tree, it will pass on the Apple Crate Christmas Boxes spirit everywhere it goes! Tip: Include a tiny DIY set inside your box. That way, your customers can spruce up the packaging the way they want!

Tissue Paper

Wrapping paper usually goes outside packaging. But have you thought about placing it inside the box? A beautifully ornamented, semi-transparent paper can be a second layer to build anticipation. It also adds a slick, upscale feeling to the whole package. Tip: Use Packhelp’s online editor to generate patterns printed on customized tissue paper. All you need to do is upload your logo!Add A Personal wish note

Adding a personal touch to your packaging always pays off. Simply because we all like being personally appreciated and treated specially. A note with personalized Apple Crate Christmas Boxes wishes and your signature will be a subtle touch to your package. You can hide it in a branded envelope or add it to a mailing bag along with your product packaging. 

Copy Printed Inside The Box

When your customers open a box, they expect this moment to be a memorable experience. How do you conjure those sparks? One of the ways is to print a little something inside the box. Provoke your customer and create an intriguing mystery around your product. Let the customer discover the product, with your design leading the way! Or print a text that will tell them how special they are. Tip: Click here to order boxes with your custom design printed inside.

Include A Diy Element

Who said that you needed to do it all by yourself?

Apple Crate Christmas Boxes is all about personalization. Encourage the recipient of your box to add something special to the box. Send them a Apple Crate Christmas Boxes tree branch or a tiny pouch with stickers, and leave the rest to your customer’s creativity. Tip: Encourage your customers to share the results of their DIY work on social media!

Create A Packaging Set

Apple Crate Christmas Boxes is all about unwrapping and unpacking luxurious gift boxes and fancy presents. Even when you’re all about eco-friendliness, you can still make that thrilling unboxing moment last longer.


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