Enjoy the Wellness Blogs and Stay Healthy

Enjoy the Wellness Blogs and Stay Healthy
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In recent years, health and wellness have become a hot issue. Everyone is looking for the latest trend, whether it’s trendy diets or contemporary yoga classes. You don’t always need a fancy gym membership or a chef on staff to stay healthy. Sometimes, the answer is as simple as clicking your mouse.

These blogs can help you stay informed and inspired about living a healthy life. These websites offer a wealth of information on topics ranging from Nutrition and fitness to mental and spiritual health.

Check out these health and wellness blogs.

We have identified 25 of the most popular online wellness blogs to save you time. These blogs can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, whether you want to stay fit, try health new recipes, or clear your mind. Save this list so you can easily access it when needed.

Fitness Blogs

Robin Long: The Balanced Life

Robin Long, a fitness instructor who is also a mom of four children, has a motto that says “Grace over Guilt.” She offers complimentary Pilates and barre workouts to help women with busy schedules fit at-home exercises into their daily routines. The Balanced Life is more than just workout videos. The Balanced Life offers more than just workout videos. It also has a supportive community, a blog with healthy recipes and tips on intentional living, and a targeted series of workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.

ACE Fitness

This fitness and healthy lifestyles blog is hosted by the American Council on Exercise. These wellness tips are not only for Olympic athletes! The ACE Fitness Blog has workouts that anyone can do at their home. This blog offers a variety of fitness and stress reduction tips, including family exercises that parents and children can do together.

Run to the Finish

Run to the Finish is a blog that addresses the specific needs of the running community. This blog is for runners of all levels. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marathoner, it will address your concerns.

Yoga with Adriene

Why Follow? Yoga with Adriene will help you achieve your wellness goals if yoga’s many benefits are part of it. Yoga with Adriene offers hundreds of free videos in a variety of intensities. People at all levels will find something that suits them. Adriene offers yoga workouts to fit every situation, whether to reduce stress or help your digestion after eating a large meal.

Born Fitness

Why Follow? This fitness blog simplifies a confusing and sometimes overwhelming world of exercise. Interviews with experts in Nutrition and fitness are followed by the creation of valuable articles that feature the best tips and advice. This site is easy to use and has a sleek design. It provides science-based information to answer your fitness questions.

Nutrition blogs

Real Food for Running

Why follow? This blog isn’t only for vegans. You’ll find here recipes that will fuel your body without sacrificing taste. Running on Real Food offers simple recipes to help you create delicious and healthy meals at home.

Fit Foodie Finds

Why follow? Fit Foodie Finds founder Lee Funk leads her followers to find balanced, healthy recipes without labelling foods as “bad” or off-limits. This site provides a wealth of nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare ahead of time. The result is delicious homemade hummus and Asian broccoli salad ready for your busy week. Funke writes about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how she priorities her mental health


Why follow? This nutrition blog is designed to help athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. FWDfuel offers recipes and advice on how to improve digestion, identify food sensitivities, and avoid fatigue. FWDfuel was written by nutritionists, including one currently working with the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Nutrition Stripped

Why follow? McKel Hill, a dietician and nutritionist ravaged by migraines and fatigue, found her calling in the world of Nutrition. She created Nutrition Stripped to help readers experience their body as it was meant to be. She accomplishes this through lifestyle articles, interviews, and other valuable resources.

Roasted Root

Why Follow? Blogger Julia Mueller believes that food is medicine, and you should, too! The Roasted Root has a wide variety of recipes designed to reduce inflammation and prevent illness. Paleo Espresso Chocolate Chunk cookies or 30-minute Thai Basil Chicken are both delicious. This is where you should start if you are looking for a healthy diet that will lead to a fit body.

Blogs on mental health and mindfulness

Dear Therapist

Why Follow? Lori Gottlieb is a licensed marriage and family counselor who hosts this weekly Atlantic column. Dear Therapist answers questions from readers. From the relatable (“I don’t like my sister-in-law”) to the dramatic (“My coworker had an affair with her girlfriend .”).”), there are many different types of questions. Gottlieb answers them all with compassion, empathy, and honesty. Her responses contain takeaways anyone can use to improve mental and emotional health.


Why follow? The NAMI Blog is the official blog of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It offers evidence-based information on various mental health topics without judgment or shame. This blog has it all, from raising a child who suffers from OCD to explaining how it feels to have hallucinations. NAMI allows its readers to “ask an expert” any burning question that hasn’t been addressed.

Tiny Buddha

Why follow? This blog offers a wide range of articles that focus on “simple advice for complex lives,” however, their mindfulness and peace section is notable for its practical tips for leading a calmer life. You can learn to meditate to reduce anxiety and deepen your relationship with nature. Tiny Buddha can help you achieve a simple life and a clearer mind.

Zen Habits

Why follow? Leo Babuta, a blogger from Australia, has been sharing his mindfulness journey on Zen Habits since 2007. Over the past decade, Leo Babuta has covered almost every topic under the sun. He’s written about quitting a career, minimalism, death, overcoming fears, and cultivating creativity, to name a few. Zen Habits is a collection of relatable lessons in life without being preachy. If you’re on a wellness journey that includes simplifying your life, start here.

Pick the Brain

Why follow? This website is excellent for those looking to improve their health, motivation, and productivity. Pick the Brain is more than just a “self-help blog” and takes healthy living to a new level. It focuses on psychology, self-education, and other aspects of life. Find articles that share meditation techniques for staying productive, daily achievements to be proud of in fighting depression, and tips on using exercise to improve mental health.

Healthy Living


Why should you follow? Mindbodygreen has a mission to help people improve their health and lifestyle by providing information on everything from fitness and Nutrition to relationships and stress. You will be satisfied with the articles, recipes, tricks, and tips.

MyFitnessPal Blog


Why follow? This blog is a companion to the popular fitness application of the same name. It features everything you need to know about healthy living. Visit the MyFitnessPal Blog for healthy recipes, workouts at home designed by top athletes such as Lindsay Vonn, and answers to nutrition questions.

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