Driven by several blockbuster products, the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market has evolved considerably

Biologics represent one of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry. This can be attributed to the rapid pace of innovation in this field, driven by the need for effective and personalized pharmacological interventions.


Although biopharmaceuticals offer significant profit margins and have demonstrated the potential to treat a myriad of disease indications, they are generally associated with high costs of development and complex manufacturing protocols. This has compelled many biopharmaceutical developers to outsource various aspect of their operations to contract service providers. The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market is presently characterized by the presence of both niche, specialty companies, focused on early-stage development and production (preclinical and / or clinical scales), and one-stop-shops, which have, over time, acquired an extensive range of capabilities to cater to essentially all the product development and commercialization requirements of sponsors. Detailed services that are commonly offered by biopharmaceutical contract manufacturers.


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It is worth highlighting that there is a significant rise in the interest of stakeholders in biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing segment; this can be validated by the increase in partnership and funding activity within this domain. It is evident that most of the biopharmaceutical CMOs have the required capabilities to operate at all scales of operation, followed by those capable of operating at both clinical and commercial scales. Further, the growing demand for biologics has compelled the players engaged in this domain to expand their existing capabilities / capacities in order to accommodate the future needs of their clients. it is worth noting that majority of the CMOs are currently using mammalian expression systems (29%), for manufacturing of biologics, followed by those using both mammalian and microbial expression systems (26%). In addition, as mentioned earlier, innovation in this field, coupled to the development of novel fermentation technologies, has further expediated the growth of biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing segment.


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