Drew Sgoutas's The Smoothie Diet Book PDF Review

Drew Sgoutas's The Smoothie Diet is a proven 3-week weight loss and health improvement program created by certified health coach Drew Sgoutas.



The Smoothie Diet is an online programme that leads you through the processes of altering your life by attaining your health and fitness objectives by juicing and consuming smoothies. In contrast to many other juicing regimens, this one goes much beyond what you put in the blender. It encompasses all areas of your health, including exercise, lifestyle, and eating routines. Therefore, it would be a gross understatement to suggest it's just juices and smoothies. It offers a complete approach that teaches you how to utilise entire fruits and vegetables to establish healthy habits in all parts of your life, so you may begin to experience lasting weight reduction, higher energy levels, and most importantly, begin living and feeling better. Grab your blender if you're ready to create some delicious smoothies with The Smoothie Diet! Expect the following from the programme:

About what is The Smoothie Diet?

Just when you believe you've found yet another juicing diet trend, you should reconsider that assumption. The Smoothie Diet is more like a full health and fitness support system that assists you while you alter your life, body, and health. While it focuses heavily on incorporating particular whole foods and entire fruits into your diet via tasty smoothies, it also delves into your living habits, eating routine, and exercise, among other topics.

In addition, it provides comprehensive information on each of these aspects: lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Clearly, a substantial amount of knowledge, research, and effort has been invested in this software. In The Smoothie Diet, all of the hard work has been completed and is set out for you. Therefore, all you must do is follow along.

To give you a sense of what I mean, here is a list of the many components to which you will have instant access upon purchase:

  • Main Guide
  • Smooth Timetable
  • Shopping Lists
  • Recipe Cards
  • Everyday Journal
  • Healthy Dietary Guidelines
  • Workout Program
  • Smoothie Dishes
  • Recipes for Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies
  • Recipes for Gluten-Free Smoothies
  • Smoothies for Children

All that is required to get started is a payment, after which you may browse the material online or download it directly to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Even the outcomes are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Weight Loss Program Video

Who is The Smoothie Diet's author?

The Smoothie Diet was written by Drew Sgoutas, who is also the author of the book. He is both an Expert in Nutrition and a Board-Certified Health Coach. His work is devoted to assisting individuals in achieving their health, fitness, and weight reduction objectives by following attainable exercise regimens and preparing delectable foods with actual ingredients. Drew brings a wealth of professional and personal skills to this programme, and his enthusiasm and understanding about nutrition and weight reduction are incorporated throughout.

A Brief Overview of The Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet is a comprehensive programme that goes much beyond a juicing regimen. This application acts as your very own nutritional coach, since it supplies you with a wealth of useful knowledge about food and nutrition, as well as how they affect your health and weight reduction. The programme then walks you through the process of putting your newly acquired knowledge into practise through food plans, recipes, fitness regimens, daily notebooks, and much more.

Don't take my word for it, though. Following is a preview of what you may anticipate from the programme once you begin:

  • Main Guide
  • Fat Burning 101
  • A Glance at the American Health Crisis
  • Principal Causes of the Obesity Epidemic
  • Extra-Large Portions
  • The Common American Diet
  • You Don't Fail Your Diets: Your Diets Fail You
  • Dietary Fat – Friend or Foe?
  • Other Smoothie-Type Diets The Smoothie Diet
  • Plant Energy
  • Understanding Superfoods
  • Compared to Other Diets
  • Description of the Program
  • Don't Forget: Daily Physical Activity
  • Smoothie Primers
  • How to Decide on a Blender
  • Where to Purchase a Blender
  • Selecting the Finest Fruits and Vegetables
  • Storing Fruits and Vegetables
  • Smoothie-Making Hints and Techniques
  • Producing Smoothies
  • Maintaining Smoothies

What If I Am Unable To Locate The Ingredients?

Some Adverse Effects You Might or Might Not Experience

  • How To Diet
  • Solid Food Meal Suggestions
  • Foods You May Consume
  • Foods You May Not Consume (Except on Cheat Day)
  • Example Meals
  • Nutritious Snacks
  • The Fraud Day
  • The Main Event
  • The Smoothie Revolution in Week 1
  • Week 2: Feel The Green
  • Week 3: Launching Metabolic Enhancers
  • Week Four: Unleash the Healing Potential of Smoothies
  • Week 5: And Beyond



  • Smoothie Dishes
  • Smooth Timetable
  • 7 Day a Week, 5 Week Program (Sunday is a cheat day).
  • Shopping Lists
  • How to Navigate a Supermarket
  • Weekly Shopping Lists for the Program
  • Recipe Cards
  • Recipe Cards Printable for Each Recipe
  • Everyday Journal
  • Record for Each Week
  • Tracker for Mood, Energy, Digestion, and Cravings
  • Mind, Fitness Tracker

Healthy Dietary Guidelines

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Basics of Healthy Eating
  • Chapter 3: Tips for Healthy Eating and Seven Meal Plans
  • Workout Program
  • Rapid Fat-Burning Workouts for Busy Individuals


  • Beginner Workouts
  • Intermediate Exercises
  • Advanced Exercises
  • Smoothies Friendly with Diabetes
  • 42 Diabetes-Compatible Smoothies
  • Smoothies Gluten-Free
  • 42 Smoothies Free of Gluten
  • Smoothies for Children


  • Eating healthily from a young age
  • The Power Rests Within You
  • Breakfast Skipping — An Absolute No-No
  • Increase Your Child's Dietary Intake Using Smoothies
  • A More Efficient Method of Food Classification
  • Conclusion
  • 5 Fruit Smoothies
  • 5 Green Smoothies

Benefits of the Program

The simplicity of the Smoothie Diet, as well as the speed with which it produces outcomes, are two of the diet's most appealing features. The author of the programme has done all of the legwork for you, from the nutrient content to the recipes, from your food shopping lists to your daily meals, and it even covers the best types of blenders to use, where to get them, and how to store your foods and smoothies, among other things. It is quite thorough, and as a consequence, you acquire all you need to navigate this safe, natural, and healthy weight reduction strategy with ease. Even eBooks with gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, and child-friendly recipes are available.

Moreover, since the software is so extensive and packed with useful information, I really loved being able to immediately download everything onto my PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Not only did I not have to pay for delivery or wait to begin, but having the programme on my mobile device made it convenient to complete. I didn't have to worry about transporting a cumbersome cookbook to the supermarket and then back to the kitchen.

Additionally, the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee is a significant benefit, since it enables you to sample the programme for two months. This provides you with the confidence boost you need to begin, as well as adequate time to see the changes occurring inside your body.

Negative aspects of the Program

In terms of substance and quality, I can't think of any significant downsides. The Smoothie Diet is not only thorough and practical, but also simple and pleasurable to follow. In the first couple of chapters, there is a substantial quantity of reading required to make changes in your own life. Therefore, the ability to download these chapters as audio files would be desirable. Aside from that, the written portions of the programme are required, since it would be difficult and time-consuming to follow a recipe via spoken instructions. Therefore, I enjoy having the full curriculum available as an eBook.

The Decision

According to health and fitness experts, losing weight and keeping it off safely is all about 80% nutrition and 20% activity, and The Smoothie Diet provides just that. This online curriculum is brimming with important information that teaches you everything about nutrition and how it affects your health and weight. The book then gives easy-to-follow (and much simpler to produce and consume) juice and smoothie recipes, as well as basic fitness routines you can incorporate into your daily routine to maximise the benefits. You have nothing to lose by giving this technique a go, since the 60-day money-back guarantee gives you two months to evaluate it. You discover some pretty delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes at the very least.

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