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Pellet Mill 銆怭roduct Introduction銆?/strong Shandong Guanbei Machinery Co., Ltd. is an equipment specializing in the production of wood scraps, straw, garbage and other wood raw materials. Its characteristic is to combine the advantages of flat mold and ring mold, and remove its shortcomings in the production of fuel raw materials. Its advantages are: vertical feeding, direct in place, static mold, rotating pressure wheel, centrifugal material, evenly distributed around, two layers of mold, up and down dual-purpose, annular mold, vertical structure, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the granulation room. The granulator with this structure has high pressure and high forming rate, reaching more than 95%. It is suitable for all kinds of raw materials, with large output and suitable for large-scale production lines. Of course, the larger the model of sawdust granulator, the greater the output, and the better its bearing capacity and stability. Because the raw materials they press are the same, the size of raw materials and the size of finished products are the same, and the pressure used is the same. The greater the same pressure, the greater the bearing capacity of the equipment will be, so the stability will be better. Therefore, it is the best choice to choose a large manufacturer of wood stove pellet maker. 銆怭roduct Parameter銆?/strong ModelPower (kw)Output (kg/h)Size ( mm)Weight (kg)Reducer Model SKJ250R11/15100-1501120*440*1060600KAF87 SKJ300R22150-2501280*550*1200800KAF97 SKJ350R30250-3501300*630*1300900KAF107 SKJ400R37400-6001400*650*13801000KAF107 SKJ450R45500-7001620*690*16001500KAF127 SKJ550R55600-9001700*690*16001600KAF127 Product features of wood stove pellet maker: 1. Energy saving and high efficiency. The company realizes fully automatic feeding, and adopts frequency conversion to control the conveyor and feeding screw, so that the host motor is in an ideal working state, which not only protects the motor, but also makes full use of the motor power, saving energy and being more efficient. 2. The wear rate is low. The pressing wheel is forged with diamond. It is precision machined and carburized at high temperature. The hardness can reach 60hcr and the service life is longer. 3. Materials have strong adaptability. After many years of sales experience, our company adjusts the mechanical matching and grinding tool compression ratio according to different materials of customers, so that the products are more suitable for user needs. 4. The service life of abrasive tools is long. The abrasive tools of our company are made of special stainless steel through forging, finishing, heat treatment and fine grinding. Due to the special mechanical properties of stainless steel, the mold is more smooth and wear-resistant. 5. The maintenance is simple and convenient. The full-automatic circuit control system is adopted, and the lubricating grease is automatically filled regularly to avoid the tedious manual operation and improper maintenance, so as to make the bearing more durable. Successful cases of wood stove pellet maker: 銆怭acking and Delivering銆?/strong Generally it is 10-20 days for the standard machines, For non-standard machines and customized machines according to clients specific requirements, it would be 30 - 50 days. We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc payment methods. 銆怓AQ銆?/strong Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer? A: This company is FACTORY wholly owned subsidiary. Mainly for Opening up the international market. We are focusing on insulating glass washing, pressing, sealing machines etc glass deep processing machines EXPORTING. Q: How about your machines quality? A: Our factory built in the year of 1991, and we are making the machines for our serveral famous competitors for the OEM services. so we are rich in producing experiences. Q: How do you make sure of the machine quality? A: For making machine quality, we have strict process: Strict order control prcess, strict parts welding process, strict CNC Process, strict assemble process, strict managing process, strict testing process, strict delivery process, strict after-sell process, strict service process. Above all the process will be the seller-direct-feedback-to-boss system, to make sure all the process fit for the order of clent, and make them efficient and quick solved. 銆怌onnect Us銆?/strong Please CONNECT US Following: Contact Person :Megan Sun Email :info(at) megansun(at) Skype:megansunny Whatsapp/ MOB :0086-15053177578 JINAN SHARE PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD JINAN GUANBEI MACHINE MANUFACTURER CO.,LTDPellet Mill website: