All You Need to Know About Church Management Software

Faith Teams is an easy & affordable, all-in-one church management software with all the features your church needs. It’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and priced so that any church can afford it. It’s perfect for small & mid-sized churches (up to 2,000 attendance). Get all the


Regardless of the size of a church, it is important to have a system in place to keep track of visitors, members, volunteers, events and finances.

It is easier to serve people when there is an organization. Better connections and better communication are possible when you have tools to better support your ministry.

This can be an overwhelming task, and that is why most churches have a person (or persons) with the gift of administration to oversee these operations. With such a multitude of people, finances and activities to oversee and deal with, church management software (ChMS) is a helpful tool to increase efficiency and free up more time for ministry.

Church management software is technology designed for the church so that church administrators, pastors and staff can be equipped with the resources they need to engage and expand in their community as the organization grows. A centralized platform helps your team’s better serve, lead, and connect because the details can be easily managed.


What is ChMS?

Church Management Software (ChMS) is a technology designed specifically for churches and other faith-based organizations. The purpose of ChMS is to streamline daily operations, with integrations for membership databases, volunteer management, scheduling, reporting, events, finances, and communications.

This software program is designed to assist churches by fostering collaboration and centralizing administrative tasks while tracking growth and fostering community. ChMS facilitates team collaboration or allows multiple people to access the information they need.


History of Church Administration Software

Church administration software was born out of the need to centralize important information about members, finances, and communications. Originally, this was all done on paper with some sort of filing system. As computers gained prominence, this data was still collected by hand and then manually entered into spreadsheets.

The problem was that this took a lot of time. It was difficult to find what was needed and collaborate in that way. It was also difficult to send messages to church members. Phone chains often had to be formed to inform the congregation. Imagine this process at a megachurch during COVID.

When ChMS was launched, it was primarily a data processing system to facilitate distribution lists and other basic functions. Today, Church Online Giving or management software is a powerful web-based tool that helps churches track, manage and organize visitors, members, volunteers, small groups, finances and more, including mass communications. With integrated features, all administrative tasks can be handled seamlessly in the background, collaboration between staff and departments is enabled, and kingdom growth is fostered.


Why your church needs an integrated ChMS

With integrated church management software, various tasks that are normally handled by numerous different programs are combined into a single product package that works together seamlessly. Instead of having a different software or online platform for membership, online giving, communications, website and content management, security, and events, an integrated ChMS combines all tasks into one system. With ChMS, pastors, staff and church administrators can streamline behind-the-scenes administrative work.


Below are seven benefits of church management software that integrates with multiple technology tools.


  1. Keep track of your employees.

Add new visitors to your data management system and track their path to membership. Monitor and maintain contact information, such as phone numbers and addresses. See what services they're involved in or if their background check needs updating.

  1. Stay engaged.

Update your community with mass communications via text message and email. Update a specific group, such as women or parents, or send a message to the entire community.

  1. Track your finances.

With integrated church accounting and online giving, you can manage monetary donations and ensure funds are used appropriately. Track the budget and monitor growth or decline in donations. Online giving makes it easy for your church to donate from anywhere.

  1. Facilitate training.

Volunteers and full-time staff don't know what they're doing from the start; they need training. Your database can help you manage the current status of the training process and allow you to upload files and certificates of completion.

  1. Create reports.

Analytics can help your ministry track data over time. Reports give you insightful information about trends in attendance, donations, and activity.

  1. Keep your staff safe.

Security is critical. With security features, check-in processes, and background checks, you can keep your employees safe. With integrated ChMs, this can be an automated process that seamlessly integrates with your church database.

  1. Do more for your ministry.

With a user-friendly system designed for churches to complete a variety of tasks, your team will have more time to spend on ministry. Instead of spending hours entering information, entering data, and doing paperwork, they'll have a streamlined process that saves a lot of time.


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Faith Teams is an easy affordable, all-in-one church management software with all the features your church needs.  It’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and priced so that any church can afford it.  It’s perfect for small mid-sized churches (up to 2,000 attendance).  Get all the tools you need in one single system at a price that makes sense.

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