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Rural Child Psychiatry | Splendid Psychiatry

Why is Splendid the Best Option in Child Psychiatry?

Established by the incredibly committed and experienced psychiatry specialist Dr. Tamirisa, Splendid Psychiatry has become a well-known telepsychiatry clinic. Motivated by a strong interest in providing mental health services, our physician has accumulated years of experience in psychiatry in various contexts. We offer knowledgeable support and empathetic treatment to kids dealing with behavioural, mental, and emotional difficulties. Each child is given the support they need to live a healthy life thanks to Splendid Psychiatry. 


Splendid Psychiatry has become a ray of hope for those in need by adopting the cutting-edge practise of telepsychiatry, which allows patients to consult with licenced mental health professionals from the comfort of their homes. 

Effective and personalised consultation for kids with splendid

Having a thorough awareness of every child’s requirements in rural areas, Splendid Psychiatry offers a vital link to individuals who might not otherwise have access to such important mental health care. Children in rural areas receive the attention, understanding, and guidance necessary to navigate their mental health challenges when they receive individualised care. They benefit from this strategy in terms of their emotional health. Splendid’s programmes for rural child psychiatry offer invaluable support to children and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.


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